Earlobe Piercing Repair

Body piercing repair often becomes necessary after your body has sustained skin damage due to piercing.

Earlobe piercing repair often becomes necessary after your body has sustained skin damage due to piercing. Cosmetic skin stretching and accidents resulting in tearing can not only be painful but cause serious infection as well. Those hoping to repair damage caused by piercing and transform their look will be happy to know that surgical treatments are available. Travis Shaw, MD is happy to provide the people of Richmond and Midlothian, Virginia with quality body piercing repair services. Our surgical procedures offer a return to a natural look quickly.

Eyebrow piercing

Repairing Earlobe Piercings

Body piercing damage is often incurred due to lacerations, bites, and other forceful motions. In some cases, extremities such as earlobes may tear due to gauging. The elasticity and vascularity of most piercing-friendly areas allow for a considerable amount of stretching. However, when areas are stretched beyond “the point of no return,” serious complications can arise. After pierced areas are damaged, wearing piercings is no longer recommended and measures to repair the damage must be taken.

Earlobe damage

Piercing Repair Procedure

Travis Shaw, MD is happy to provide his surgical treatment to those seeking body piercing repair. Ear piercing surgery with Dr. Shaw involves an examination of the treatment area. During the examination, Dr. Shaw will make a note of the incision area as well as analyze the elasticity of your skin. When the surgery begins, a local anesthetic will be applied to prevent discomfort during the procedure. Several incisions will be made and then the damaged area will be sutured back into its natural resting place.

Ear Piercing Repair Results

Following the procedure, it may take up to 3 months for your scar to heal. Some aching and mild pain may be experienced as your skin undergoes the natural healing process. As with any surgical procedure, body piercing repair does carry some level of risk. These risks include bleeding, infection, and sensitivity among other potential issues. After your skin is healed, you can expect it to return to normal, though some mild scarring may be visible.

Body Piercing Repair in Richmond and Midlothian, Virginia

Travis Shaw, MD is a skilled medical professional dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the Richmond and Midlothian communities. If you are struggling with damage incurred by piercing, Dr. Shaw has the treatment for you. Make an appointment today by calling/texting (804) 775-4559 or submitting your information via the form below.