Facial Resurfacing

When cosmetics can no longer cover up that bumpy skin texture, consider a facial resurfacing treatment.

Long-term skin damage can occur for a variety of reasons. These include, but aren’t limited to: excessive sun exposure, acne breakouts due to sweating, and exposure to irritants. As an active cyclist and proponent of outdoor exercise, Dr. Shaw understands that while limiting our exposure to the elements is possible, it isn’t always realistic. Skin sensitivity shouldn’t diminish your passion for fitness.

When cosmetics can no longer cover up that bumpy skin texture, consider a facial resurfacing treatment. Travis Shaw, MD is proud to offer a variety of facial resurfacing treatments to meet all of your particular aesthetic needs. Each of our procedures are administered with the care and precision needed to give you fast skincare results with minimal downtime.

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Feel Better in the Skin You’re in

Redness caused by rosacea or blotches from sun damage are both troubling to deal with. These aesthetic issues appear more often as the quality of our skin declines. As we age, our skin loses collagen and elastin, the two components that help us live free of wrinkles, brown spots and other imperfections. When the production of these proteins declines, nothing can be done to stop the process. However, applying sunblock and using cosmetic creams can slow the process down. In addition, trying one of our minimally invasive aesthetic treatments can provide long-lasting relief from these troublesome pigmentation issues.

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Facial Resurfacing Treatments

Vivace RF Microneedling

This revolutionary FDA-approved facial resurfacing treatment combines radio frequency with micro-needling. The device works by causing micro-injuries through the use of tiny needles. The injuries stimulate natural healing, while the added radio-frequency uses heat to improve collagen production. This dual-action not only provides immediate skin rejuvenation but assures gradual improvement as well.

Lumenis Ultrapulse CO2

This high-tech laser rejuvenation system uses a continuous series of short-period, high-peak-power pulses to address bad skin texture. The laser energy used by the Ultrapulse essentially vaporizes target tissue without causing damage to other areas of the body. Treatment with this laser system can be customized to fit specific skin types and aesthetic goals. The end result is a smoother, more radiant skin texture achieved with minimal side effects. Dr. Shaw administers this treatment personally. During your Lumenis session, you can rest assured knowing that your procedure is being performed by a skilled medical professional and recipient of the MEDARVA 2019 Patient Choice Award.

Expected Treatment Results

Facial resurfacing treatments can vary in scope and duration based on your particular needs. Our RF Microneedling treatments generally take 30 minutes to complete. Treatment times with the Luminous laser can vary. Both of these treatment options provide long-lasting improvements in skin tone, texture and overall appearance. For best results with the RF Microneedling treatment, we recommend repeated sessions on a yearly basis.

Treatment Recovery and Downtime

Some discomfort may be felt during both of these treatments. Our RF Microneedling sessions typically include the application of an anesthetic cream to reduce pain. For the Luminous, adopted several best practices for pain management including pre-treatment icing, topical anesthetic cream, and using a ‘chiller’ to blow cold air over the affected area during treatment. After your session, a post-treatment period of healing lasting from 1-2 weeks will be required. When you come in for your session, we will provide the best post-treatment guidelines to assure fast recovery and beautiful results.

Facial Resurfacing in Richmond, Virginia

At Travis Shaw, MD, we value your goals. When you visit our clinic, we will do all we can to facilitate a pleasant and rewarding facial resurfacing treatment session. Make an appointment to discuss facial resurfacing today by texting/calling (804) 775-4559 or submitting your information via the form below.