When administered by a skilled professional, Juvéderm can restore what time has taken away.

When administered by a skilled professional, Juvéderm can restore what time has taken away. We all struggle with facial volume loss as we age. In some cases, aggressive aging can lead to a severe disconnection between how we look and who we truly are inside. Dr. Travis Shaw and our master injector will work tirelessly to help the people of Richmond and Midlothian achieve their goals without making them look overdone. Ranked within Allergan’s top 10% of all injectable practices, our clinic is the hub of true skill, compassion, and integrity. When you come in for a Juvéderm injection with us, you can expect the highest facial rejuvenation quality, delivered with gentle precision.

What is Juvéderm?

Injectable fillers such as Juvéderm work by filling in wrinkles or folds in the face and increasing the volume of your skin. When injected by a professional such as Dr. Shaw, these fillers can provide a true rejuvenating effect that softens facial features and eases gauntness. The versatility of Juvéderm also makes it a great filler for plumping lips. When you inquire about our fillers, we will take the time to assess your facial structure and discuss your goals. By getting a thorough understanding of your needs, we will determine the ideal injection quantity necessary to give your appearance a natural-looking boost.

Cosmetic Filler Procedure

If you think about the transition from your cheek to your mouth, it is much like a hill and valley. By filling in this valley, the transition area of the crease is made much softer and unnoticeable, resulting in a naturally youthful appearance. This analogy illustrates the beautifully subtle improvements Juvéderm can deliver. Best of all, these improvements are typically done in under an hour. Though some discomfort is possible during the injection process, most patients consider the pain to be very tolerable. If you’re sensitive to pain and a little worried, we can use multiple methods to reduce your discomfort, including ice and a proprietary numbing ointment only found at our office.

Filler Treatment Results

Following treatment, filler injection results can be seen immediately. You will notice an increase in skin tightness, softness, and radiance. Most of our fillers last from 9 months to one year. During this time, maintenance injections can be performed to help your skin retain its plumpness. All filler Injections at the Travis Shaw, MD clinic are delivered with the care and precision expected of Allergan’s acclaimed top 10% clinic.

Before and After Photos

Treatment Recovery and Downtime

Our Juvéderm injections are performed to minimize downtime. Like with any procedure, there is a risk of bruising at the injection site. However, we have refined our injection technique with industry-leading best practices and tools to dramatically minimize all chances of discoloration.

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Juvéderm Treatments in Richmond and Midlothian, Virginia

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