Laser Mole Removal

Though the majority of moles and skin growths are benign, it is very important to know the warning signs of skin cancer, perform self-exams, and have annual skin checks by a dermatologist.

Almost everyone has a mole somewhere on their body. Many people have stared at a mole every day in the mirror and wanted to do something about it, but were fearful of surgery or freezing the mole for removal due to the potential for scarring. Some have even been told by their doctors that they are better off leaving a mole alone since the scar would be worse. Although there is always a potential for scars, Dr. Shaw uses precision radio frequency (RF) technology for mole removal, minimizing the risks of scarring. Our Ellman RF laser technology allows patients to heal in a matter of days and greatly reduces the risks of scarring and pigmentation changes that can occur with standard mole removal techniques such as surgery and freezing.

Being Proactive About Skin Cancer

As a skin cancer survivor, Dr. Shaw understands the importance of early detection. Though the majority of moles and skin growths are benign, it is very important to know the warning signs of skin cancer, perform self-exams, and have annual skin checks by a dermatologist. If there are any questions regarding a skin growth, Dr. Shaw will always recommend a biopsy to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

An easy method to stay in touch with your skin’s health is a self-exam performed once a month. Take note of any color changes, moles, or new growths and point them out to your physician. Bumps that itch, bleed, or do not heal can also be a sign of cancer or precancerous lesions. Moles which have changed in size, shape or color are considered suspicious as well and should warrant a biopsy. Taking a photo and dating it is very helpful in monitoring changes. Be sure to check behind your ears and in the hairline, as these are hard to see areas and places where lesions may hide.

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Physicians have come up with two methods of detecting skin cancers, specifically melanomas, in their early stages which give the best chance of cure. If you have a lesion or mole that is painful, itchy or does not heal, you should see a skin cancer specialist. Most skin lesions tend to be benign, but if they are cancerous, the earlier they are caught and treated the greater the chance of a complete cure. This is especially important if you are fair-skinned or have a history of sun exposure.

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Laser Mole Removal Procedure

During your doctor evaluation, a biopsy may be performed. This involves extracting a skin sample to be examined by a pathologist. This is a simple procedure and causes little to no pain. We perform this procedure quite often in our office. By obtaining a biopsy, we can have a firm diagnosis and make an effective treatment plan for you. 

After performing a biopsy and determining a treatment plan, Dr. Shaw uses the Ellman RF device to remove potentially dangerous moles. The Ellman RF utilizes radio wave energy to slowly melt away mole tissue. This process is non-invasive and therefore causes no bleeding. During the process, energy is delivered precisely to the mole, causing minimal damage to the surrounding skin. This precision helps reduce the chance of scarring and pigmentation changes. There is never a guarantee of scarless mole removal, but Dr. Shaw has found that the Ellman technology is the best when it comes it minimizing risks of scarring.

Mole Removal Treatment Results

The RF laser mole removal procedure is performed in the office with local anesthesia. This treatment results in no downtime, meaning patients can return to their activities right away. Due to the speed and safety of the Ellman laser, several lesions can be removed at the same time. After your procedure, it is important to care for the removal site daily by cleansing it with mild soap and applying moisturizer twice per day. Once the area has turned a gentle pink color after several days, it is safe to use some cover up if needed.

Laser Mole Removal in Richmond, Virginia

At Travis Shaw, MD, we take the safety of the Richmond community seriously. As such, we provide extensive skin cancer prevention services including laser mole removal. If you think you may be at risk of developing skin cancer, don’t wait. Make an appointment to discuss laser mole removal with the Ellman RF laser today by calling (804) 775-4559 or submitting your information via the form below.