Age Spots / Hyperpigmentation

Age spots, brown spots, and uneven pigmentation begin to tarnish our beautiful complexion after 30.

Age spots, brown spots, and uneven pigmentation begin to tarnish our beautiful complexion after 30. In addition, the appearance of natural, age-related red spots is often exacerbated by frequent sun exposure. This is awful news for those of us who enjoy hiking and spending a lot of time outdoors. Thankfully, amazing skin doesn’t always require a lifestyle change. Travis Shaw, MD is happy to provide the wonderful residents of Richmond and Midlothian with a range of brown spot and hyperpigmentation treatment options.

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Problems with Age Spots?

Age spots and other similar pigmentation issues are caused by overactive cells. The appearance of age spots, melasma, and sun damage on the face is in equal parts attributed to the “clumping” of melanin and ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Despite knowing the cause of these spots, their appearance is often unpredictable. Some age spots develop very slowly, while others can appear without warning. Their unpredictable nature, unfortunately, means that we can’t control their onset. However, these spots can be treated once they appear.

Treatment Options for Your Skin

Travis Shaw, MD offers a range of age spot treatment options. These treatments range from non-invasive to minimally invasive and are all FDA-approved for use on the skin. The results of our treatments are guaranteed to deliver understated, yet effective results. You’ll look like a younger, healthier you without any obvious signs of cosmetic treatment.

Lumenis Ultrapulse CO2

The Lumenis laser provides precise age spot removal through the use of pulsating CO2 energy bursts. The treatment’s high rate of rapid energy delivery vaporizes targeted age spots without damaging the surrounding area. The versatility of the Lumenis system allows us to easily alter energy rate and intensity to best suit your particular skin type. 

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This treatment option uses super serums rich with natural, nourishing ingredients to promote skin rejuvenation. HydraFacials work by first cleansing your skin through gentle exfoliation, then removing debris from clogged pores, and finally saturating your skin in antioxidants to maximize your natural glow.


This procedure involves the creation of near-invisible micro-perforations in the skin to stimulate keratinocytes. By stimulating these cells, the treatment promotes an increase in the production of new and improved collagen and elastin. These epidermal growth factors provide healing to the treatment area without damaging the surrounding skin. 


The Microdermabrasion treatment for age spots involves a mild abrasion followed by vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells. The result of this process is the emergence of new, softer surface skin. This option is an excellent choice for treating uneven pigmentation because it only affects the uppermost layer of your skin.

Medical Chemical Peels

Chemical peel treatments involve the application of mild acids directly to the skin. These treatments come in 3 common levels of intensity: Superficial, Medium, and Deep. At Travis Shaw, MD, we begin every consultation with a thorough assessment of our patients’ particular skincare needs. After the initial assessment, we will provide you with chemical peel options based on your age, spot size, and quantity.

Treatment Results for Age Spots

Your age spot removal treatment times and results will vary based on your selected option. At Travis Shaw, MD we work hard to provide you with natural-looking results. All of our options are perfectly calibrated to remove age spots without skin damage or dramatic pigment alterations. Your skin will glow with authentic radiance. You’ll look better, quickly and naturally.

Age Spot Removal in Richmond and Midlothian, Virginia

Travis Shaw, MD is dedicated to providing the Richmond and Midlothian communities with comprehensive age spot and pigmentation treatment options. Make an appointment today by calling/texting (804) 775-4559 or submitting your information via the form below. Visit us today to experience the joy of having clear, healthy skin again.