Virtual Consultations

Receive a private, confidential consultation with Dr. Shaw or one of our experts without leaving the comfort of your home!

What is a virtual consultation?

A virtual consultation is exactly what its name suggests – a consultation between you and Dr. Shaw or an expert member of our cosmetic team without leaving your home! We want to enable patients near and far to access our services without making multiple trips to our office.

We will schedule a telephone and potentially video consultation with you, where Dr. Shaw or one of his expert staff of Providers, will ask you pertinent questions about your health and desired look as part of the consultation process. We may ask you to provide photos as part of our assessment. This will enable us to make accurate decisions about your surgery or cosmetic procedure.

The telephone consultation will also allow us to explain more about what you can expect from the procedure or surgery and answer any questions that you have prior to coming into the office. We will also assess your candidacy for your chosen cosmetic procedure or surgery and our office will then reach out to schedule your personal visit to the office. This will shorten your timeline to treatment while giving you your desired information.

Give us a call or text (804) 775-4559 when you are ready to begin your journey!