How Can a Septoplasty Help Me Breathe Better?

Although most cosmetic surgery is all about improving appearances, a septoplasty can have both cosmetic and health benefits. According to WebMD, up to 80% of people have some form of nasal septum misalignment that can be corrected through this type of procedure. Let’s learn more about septoplasty and how it can help you breathe better.

The Septum and Breathing

The septum is a thin wall between your nasal passages. If this wall is crooked, it’s referred to as a deviated septum. This leads to one nostril being larger than the other. In order to breathe correctly, the nasal septum should lie in a straight line in the center of your nose. An off-center septum isn’t uncommon. A small deviation is hardly noticeable and won’t cause any problems. However, a severely crooked septum can cause problems with breathing. It can also lead to severe nasal blockages. Surgery is often the answer to this problem.

Septoplasty Surgery

A septoplasty is a surgical procedure that must be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. This procedure can improve the airflow in your nose. This can help to stop chronic sinusitis, remove nasal polyps, treat nasal blockages, and more. In addition to the many health benefits of this procedure, a septoplasty can also help to improve the appearance of the nose. During this type of procedure, the plastic surgeon will straighten the bent cartilage and the bone. Unwanted portions can be removed to reshape the septum and the nose.

Intended Results of This Procedure

Most people simply want relief from their breathing difficulties that have been caused by their deviated septum. Following this procedure, you should notice significantly improved breathing. You will need to give yourself time to heal first, though. It’s important that you follow your doctor’s orders carefully following your surgery. After any type of cosmetic surgery, there is a chance that you could injure yourself. To get the best results from your septoplasty procedure, you should be careful and follow protocols for your healing process closely.

Now you know more about this surgical procedure and how it can help you breathe better. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please contact Synergy Face + Body by Travis Shaw, MD today. We are here for your cosmetic surgery needs.