How to Fight Back Against Acne Scarring

Acne can be challenging to deal with, and scars can linger long after the acne is gone. This can make cover-up applications more challenging, and you may feel embarrassed. However, you don’t have to. You’re still beautiful on the inside and outside. Products and procedures like dermal fillers can help address acne scarring so you can feel better about yourself.


One of the first steps to fighting acne scars is to learn about the various types of acne scars. Some scars produce more collagen as they heal, resulting in raised scars. It’s common to see small indentions in clients who have acne scars. Hyperpigmentation is also common. Learning about the types of scars can help you determine the appropriate treatment.


Once you know what type of scars you have, it’s time to find the ideal treatment. Some scars may require various treatments to eliminate their appearance. Dermal fillers will help fill out sunken-in scars and provide long-lasting results. According to Bellafill, up to 87% of survey participants were still delighted with their results five years later. However, this treatment option will do little for hyperpigmentation.


Non-injectable treatment options require consistency. This may be necessary to soothe hyperpigmentation and avoid a red or pink complexion. Many products and procedures on the market can help you address this issue and achieve the complexion of your dreams. However, they only work if you’re consistent.


After learning about various treatment options and committing to treatment, it’s time to schedule a consultation. A professional cannot tell you whether they can help you over the phone because there are so many types of scars. Instead, they’ll need to see you in person to verify if they can help you and what treatment options they provide.

Addressing the scars left behind by acne can help you feel better about yourself, but it can seem pointless if you still have acne and wind up with more scars. Working with a professional to cure your acne is crucial, even if you get dermal fillers. A dermatologist can help you find the underlying cause of your acne so you can resolve the issue once and for all. We understand the devastating impact scars can have on your self-confidence. Thankfully, you’re not stuck with them forever. Contact Dr. Shaw and the Synergy Face + Body team today to discover how we can help you.