An IPL laser facial with Dr. Travis Shaw, MD is a different experience than what you might imagine. This facial rejuvenation treatment uses leading laser technology for a full cosmetic transformation, without any of the downtime that some patients expect from a procedure that boasts such dramatic results.

IPL before and after results for older female patient

Advanced Laser Facial Technology

Dr. Shaw uses the Palomar Max G laser by Cynosure. Cynosure is a trusted industry leader in cosmetic laser technology, and was specifically designed to treat red and brown spots that result from vascular lesions and uneven facial pigmentation.

The Max G can close larger, deeper facial vessels than other lasers. At the same time, the laser emits low levels of energy, making the Max G a gentler cosmetic laser. Since your skin is exposed to low levels of light and heat during a silk touch laser facial, you’ll experience little, if any, side effects or discomfort post-treatment, and you won’t need to take any downtime.

Seamless Laser Facial Transition

Whenever possible, Dr. Shaw uses minimally invasive techniques and procedures to attain his patients’ desired results. The minimally invasive nature of the laser treatment means that you can return to your normal activities—including wearing makeup—immediately after a session at Dr. Shaw’s office, making this laser treatment perfect for patients with busy lifestyles. Furthermore, most patients report feeling little discomfort (if at all) during a silk touch laser facial. Dr. Shaw and his team will apply cooling gel or numbing cream by request beforehand to make sure that you are completely comfortable.

Each treatment is relatively quick—anywhere from five to fifteen minutes in duration—and while most patients need three to five sessions spaced four weeks apart to see a complete difference in their appearance, many patients start seeing improvements after as few as two sessions.

Dramatic Results

Unlike fillers or topical creams, the laser facial delivers permanent results. The Palomar Max G laser can treat a wide range of skin ailments and imperfections, from freckles to port wine stains to dull or rough skin textures. After completing a full treatment series, your skin will look and feel totally refreshed and radiant, free from uneven texture, discoloration and signs of age, like red and brown patches.

Personalized Care

Many doctors might be able to offer a laser facial using the Palomar Max G, but few take patient care as seriously as Dr. Travis Shaw, MD does. Before your treatment, you’ll receive a personalized consultation to determine the best plan of action. The Max G suits a wide range of skin types suffering from different cosmetic imperfections, but we have dozens of treatment available if a silk touch laser facial isn’t right for your skin type or issues.

Following your treatment, Dr. Shaw and his team will lay out a personalized aftercare plan to keep your skin looking beautiful.

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