Indeed they do. This year there has been a rise in the popularity of men and facial plastic surgery procedures and facial rejuvenation. Today, we are talking a little bit about the conservative treatment goals that I have when I treat men and some of the discretion that we can offer for men in coming into the office.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a little bit about some of the more popular plastic surgery procedures for men that we’re seeing, and some of the costs that are associated with them. We try to make most of these with as little to no downtime as possible and also stressing the importance of really natural looking results so that no one has any idea that men have had work because I think that’s a really important concept to keep in mind. Especially when talking about men.

Certainly, the most popular treatment for men is Botox. Treatments run from anywhere from about $200 to $500. No associated downtime involved, and you can go right back to work and get back to your life.

The important thing with Botox in men is to really consider the facial features of the men and preserving masculinity in men. We don’t want to smooth out all the wrinkles like we do with women. We’re a little more conservative in the treatment but some men actually take a little bit more of the product itself in certain areas. Just because the facial musculature tends to be a little bit stronger with that.

Dr Shaw discusses the costs and downtime associated with the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men. Dr Shaw is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in plastic surgery for men and serves patients from Richmond, Va; Williamsburg, Va; and Fredericksburg, Va.

One of the other really popular treatments we’ve been offering and getting some great results is laser facial resurfacing. This can have some downtime. If you want to be a little more aggressive, it’s about three to five days of looking red afterward. You can scale the laser back and be conservative, you just need to do more treatments for that, so we can offer a customized treatment plan for each patient, depending on what their goals are and what kind of downtime they can afford. Those tend to run in the $2,000 to $4,000 range in general.

Another thing that we do a lot of work here is on scars and there’s the old saying is that women like scars, but that’s not always the case and some men are conscientious about the scars that they have. We’re getting some great results with the lasers and some of the other treatments that we offer. Those tend to have one to two days of downtime and run anywhere from about $500 to $1,000.

The surgical procedure I’m going to talk about briefly is rhinoplasty in men. A lot of men have a nose that they’ve really never been happy with and they’d like to do something about it. Once again, I really stress with men in planning their rhinoplasty, the importance of preserving masculinity, preserving what is their nose. Keeping it natural but trying to attain the goals that they want.

Rhinoplasty on average does have about a week of downtime. There is often some bruising that’s associated with it but that goes away. We have some treatments that really work well to help with the bruising post-operatively to get men back out there as quickly as possible. Rhinoplasty on average runs about $3,500.

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