Is Plastic Surgery Worth the Cost?

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are a lot of differing opinions out there. Here’s the real question, though. Is it worth it? According to Allure magazine Americans spent over $9 million on plastic surgery in 2020. That’s a lot of money, and when you consider that most insurance plans don’t cover these types of procedures, it definitely gives people a moment of pause to consider if this is worth it or not. Plastic surgeon professionals agree that there are certain procedures that have better satisfaction rates than others. Let’s look at three procedures that patients consistently claim were definitely worth it.

Facial Reconstruction

Many women are emotionally impacted by the appearance of their face, especially if they’ve been in an accident or undergone medical treatment that impacts how they look. The face, more than any other part of the body, has a huge effect on how a woman views herself. When done right, facial reconstruction surgery can restore the appearance of the face to the satisfaction of the patient. This not only has an effect on how you look but also on your confidence.

Wrinkle and Fine Line Treatment

Wrinkles and fine lines are another aspect of our appearance that can have a huge effect on our self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves. Wrinkles are especially troubling because your body is visibly changing right in front of your eyes and you feel helpless to do anything about it. Premature wrinkles are even more troubling since we view wrinkles as a sign of aging. Facelifts and other wrinkle and fine-line procedures today can create a very natural-looking appearance.

Loose Skin Treatments

Loose skin treatments are claimed by many to be some of the most life-enhancing procedures. Many people who seek out a loose skin treatment are parents who have seen their bodies completely transform after pregnancy. The changes that happen to your body can be overwhelming. You looked like one person before and now you look like someone different. Individuals who have lost large amounts of weight, too, also deal with the overwhelming feeling of their body transforming suddenly. A loose skin treatment gives people the gift of restoring their body by removing extra skin and making their core stronger, their back stronger by default, and restoring their self-confidence.

Plastic surgery is definitely worth the cost when it comes to transforming your body in a positive way that helps you love your appearance and boost your confidence. If you would like to learn more about plastic surgery procedures, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation, please contact Synergy Face + Body by Travis Shaw, MD today.