Having used Juvederm Voluma now for a couple years, it has become one of my most “wow” products and is my go-to for addressing the mid and lower face. Many patients come in hoping to address their smile lines around the mouth, some have previously had injections directly into this area.

The goal of any facial rejuvenation I perform is truly natural looking results, and Voluma is fantastic at achieving a youthful, rested appearance.

Juvederm Voluma for Smile Lines

upside down brown egg

When I talk to patients about smile lines and the signs of aging, I often refer to what I call “the upside down egg of youth”. The youthful face has lots of volume in the cheeks, under the eyes, and under the mouth. It has a nice oval shape and the point of focus is the eyes and cheeks. As we age, we lose volume and our tissues deflate, leading to a more square facial shape.

In terms of addressing the smile lines, they become prominent as a result of this deflation and decent. We didn’t loose volume in the smile lines, we lost it around the eyes and cheeks, which deflate and draw the face downward.

For this reason, I no longer use filler directly in the smile lines, as this does not follow the natural aging process. If you reinflate the cheeks and mid face with Voluma, there is a natural pull upwards and a truly natural looking rejuvenation. It makes better sense to me to put volume back where it once was.

Using Blunt Cannulas During Voluma Injections

I also use blunt cannulas for all of my Voluma injections, which has been a game changer for me and my patients. Instead of multiple needle sticks which cause swelling and bruising, I use one needle entry point and I am able to rejuvenate the entire mid face with a blunt cannula. This is much more comfortable for patients, and leads to minimal swelling and eliminates bruising.

I like to hand patients a mirror when I have finished one side so they can see the immediate improvement. This is where we get the wow. Over the next several days, the Voluma settles in, smooths even more, and looks fantastic.

Treating Merionette Lines with Juvederm

Juvederm is also nice for adding volume to the corners of the mouth, known as marionette lines. This takes the shadows out from the corner of the mouth, and gives a really nice support to lift the corners of the mouth. I also use Voluma for non-surgical nose job and chin augmentation.

I am also a Juvederm Voluma instructor, which means I travel to teach other physicians the best injection techniques.

If you would like to see some Voluma before and after photos, please see the before and after gallery. These are all actual patients of mine, not photos provided by the manufacturer.

Juvederm Voluma Injections in Richmond, VA

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