Love Your Lips

Full, pouty, enhanced, reshaped: these are the words our patients use when describing the lips they want! This trend may be due to social media and celebrity culture. After all, our Instagram feeds are filled with images of perfectly plumped pouts. We all want those Instagram-worthy lips, but how can you trust that you’ll get a result you’ll love?

First, you must decide just how you want your lips to look. Here are some tips to guide you prior to your consultation with our Master Injector, Whitney.

Lip Flip

If you want your lips to look a little fuller but aren’t ready for filler, a Lip Flip may be the perfect option for you. This popular technique can be done as a stand-alone treatment or combined with dermal filler to enhance your results even more.

The goal of the Lip Flip is to avert your upper lip, subtly allowing for a fuller, smoother appearance. A tiny amount of Botox/neuromodulator is superficially placed into the muscle near your lip border. This muscle, called Orbicularis Oris, is responsible for the pursing action of the mouth. When relaxed, it allows your upper lip to softly flip upward exposing more of the pink surface area of your lip. This makes your lips look instantly fuller without any filler!

Lip flip

Plumping Up the Volume

Another option is injecting dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane into your soft tissue to create instant volume. These fillers are made of molecules that are found naturally in our bodies, which makes them a safe and effective option to plump the body of your lips and balance out your facial features!

Plumping Up the Volume

Enhance Your Cupid’s Bow

Using a small amount of dermal filler to accentuate the two peaks of your upper lip, or “Cupid’s Bow,” gives many of our patients gorgeous results! This technique draws attention to the midsection of your lips and can give your lips a more youthful, poutier appearance. This can also be enhanced by placing a tiny amount of filler to add more lift and support.

Enhance Your Cupid’s Bow

Define Your Border

As we age, our lips lose pigmentation, definition, and support. This change can easily be seen in the border of our lips, especially the upper lip.

Where the pink part of our lips meet the skin of our face is called the vermillion border. When the border is replenished, the entire lip can look fuller and more pronounced. Filler can be injected into BOTH the vermillion border and the body of the lip to give you a natural and beautiful transformation.

Define Your Border

Lose the Lines While Getting a Lift

If you’ve battled bleeding lipstick and feel like your mouth has a heavy, almost frowning appearance at the corners, you’ll love dermal filler!

The lines around your mouth are often called “smoker’s lines.” These tiny vertical wrinkles are a result of collagen breakdown from repeated lip contractions. Soft, delicate dermal fillers are wonderful for these lines and can instantly smooth out the area above your lip.

Botox can also be used to treat these lines. It will soften the muscle contraction in this area and make your filler last even longer.

Smoker's lines

Whether due to repeated facial movements or genetics, many people notice that the corners of their lips turn down over time. This change can make you look like you are frowning or upset. It can also pull down the lower face and make you appear older. Dermal filler, when placed into the corners of your mouth, can replace volume loss and reestablish the support structure that lifts the lips back up into a more youthful shape!

Although each one of these techniques may sound wonderful all on its own, our Master Injector, Whitney, can combine several or ALL of these methods during a single lip enhancement! Of course, this all will depend on the natural state of your lips, the overall balance of your facial features, and the look you want to achieve.

Whether you are a fan of full, pouty lips or you just want lips that are more defined and balanced, we can customize your fillers to meet your aesthetic goals!

Are you excited to begin your lip enhancement journey? Schedule a consultation with Whitney by calling or texting (804) 775-4559!