Dr. Shaw here to talk to you today about ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation right here in Richmond, VA. ThermiVa is a really great procedure. We’ve had a lot of happy patients. It is one of our most popular treatments, by far, for vaginal rejuvenation. The reason I chose ThermiVa over some of the other devices that are out there and are available, MonaLisa Touch is one of the big ones, Diva is another one you may have heard of. The really great thing about ThermiVa is that it is a quick procedure done here at the office. It’s painless. Most patients describe it as a pleasant, warm sensation. The big thing that differentiates it from the other devices that are out there is that there is no downtime whatsoever.

Patients can go home, completely resume all their normal activities, all their normal sexual activities. The reason being is that ThermiVa delivers what’s called radio frequency energy. The other devices out there, like MonaLisa Touch, that I was referring to, are lasers. And so, lasers not only heat tissue but can cause some tissue destruction, so there is a period of downtime, usually, for several days after getting those kinds of procedures whereas with ThermiVa there’s absolutely no downtime whatsoever.

The results are phenomenal. ThermiVa will treat patients who have had childbirth and may have enlarged labia. They may have difficulty leaking urine when they cough. They may have vaginal dryness, difficulty with orgasm. It can even treat more serious conditions, such as vaginal prolapse. All of this done in a procedure right here in the office. You walk in, you walk out. We usually do a serious of about three to four of these performed monthly, and then annually we do one to two, what we call touch up procedures from there.

Like I mentioned before, this has been a really popular treatment with our patients. This is what the transducer looks like. It’s basically as big around as about your pinkie. And this is what supplies the energy, here. Once again, it’s just a warming sensation. It’s not hot. What this does is causes contraction of the tissue, it causes increase mucosal glands in the tissue that’s there, and a lot of really nice benefits for our patients.

So, give us a call for a free consult to find out if ThermiVa would be the right procedure for you. (804) 775-4559 or