Understanding SKINVIVE™ and the Factors Influencing Its Effectiveness

SKINVIVE™ has made plenty of headlines lately as the injectable moisturizer everyone wants to try. Hyaluronic acid has become a very popular skincare option, with many loving its ability to smooth the skin and potentially reduce signs of aging. Since SKINVIVE™ has a better ability to deliver the substance into the skin, many use it as a helper in their daily routine. 

But what exactly is this injectable, and how long does it last in your skin? Are there any particular factors influencing how long it will remain in the dermis, or does the same standard apply to everyone? This blog will give you a deeper understanding of how SKINVIVE™ works under the skin and how different factors influence its longevity.

How Is SKINVIVE™ Different from Other HA Fillers?

Like many JUVÉDERM® injectables, the brand that owns SKINVIVE™, this product also has hyaluronic acid (HA) as its basis. Once injected, it binds to water particles several times its size, keeping the moisture in place and improving the skin’s smoothness. 

However, unlike other gel-like HA fillers, SKINVIVE™ has a more watery formula. This means that it was made to smooth and hydrate instead of add volume. Most people use it to improve skin quality in the cheek area and restore luster to the skin when it appears particularly dry.

Factors that Influence Its Longevity

For the most part, SKINVIVE™ can last six months or more before it starts losing its effect on the skin. That said, several factors can affect the longevity and efficiency of the treatment. These can include the following:  

1. Treatment Area

SKINVIVE™ is used to treat areas like the cheeks, restoring their smoothness and giving your skin more radiance. That said, the substance can be injected in any other area lacking moisture, such as around the eyes, the mouth, or the forehead. The more movement that surface gets, the less likely it is for the effects to last in the long term.

2. Skin Characteristics

The effectiveness of the SKINVIVE™ process also depends on the general characteristics of each person’s skin. The treatment is recommended for every skin type, but natural aging and elasticity loss can compromise the results, as the HA has little to bind to. Ultimately, this procedure is more effective and long lasting for those with good skin elasticity who have yet to experience volume loss. 

3. Sunlight Exposure

Your lifestyle can also influence the effectiveness and longevity of a SKINVIVE™ treatment. For example, UV exposure can lead to significant hyaluronic acid loss. This is a relevant factor regarding SKINVIVE™, as the product is injected closer to the surface than others in the JUVÉDERM® family. If you spend a lot of your time in the sun, then the effects of SKINVIVE™ could last their minimum amount instead of the maximum. 

4. Aftercare

The aftercare routine provided after the procedure can significantly influence the effectiveness and longevity of the filler. For instance, in the first 24 hours after the treatment, heat exposure should be avoided as much as possible. This includes hot baths, saunas, and hot showers. You should also steer clear of activities that increase your core body temperature, as this can potentially mess up the HA molecules.

5. Hydration and Diet

Your diet and hydration levels also play a crucial part in the longevity of the procedure. While the injected molecules are expected to offer a moisturized look for a long time, a poor diet can break those HA bonds. Your body also needs to have enough moisture in it, so proper hydration levels should be maintained. 

Get Your SKINVIVE™ Treatment Now!

SKINVIVE™ can be a very effective tool for improving the texture of your skin and helping it look more hydrated. While you can expect it to last fairly long, its results can depend on various factors. Contact Dr. Travis Shaw for an appointment and learn how to make the most of your treatment!

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