Best Surgeries to Have Around the Holidays

As the holidays are knocking on your doorstep, you may be thinking about the fastest ways to look your best. Many people opt for good skin care in the months before the big event or holiday, but what if you took it up a notch? Why not go through surgery and offer yourself a permanent correction of the things that make you self-conscious?

Many women and men are wary of surgery right before the holidays simply because they fear downtime. However, there are some procedures that won’t take more than a few days to heal from and we’re going to explore them in this blog, so you can look your absolute best for the holidays!

Why Get Plastic Surgery Around the Holidays?

There are several reasons why you may want to consider cosmetic surgery right around the holidays, the most important being the healing part. Cold weather can modulate your immune system and reduce inflammation, the effect being similar to the one given by ice placed on your wound after the procedure. This process helps the swelling go down faster and your recovery to be much smoother. 

Additionally, the cold weather allows you to wear sweaters and scarves. This means that you can easily use an item of clothing to conceal potential side effects of the procedure. By the time the holidays come around, you should have healed completely, so you can look glorious in your holiday pictures. 

Popular Surgical Procedures to Have Around the Holidays

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, the level of correction may lead to a different recovery time. Since you probably don’t want to cancel any travel and party plans, here are a few surgical procedures that you could consider:

1. Eyelid Surgery

Droopy eyelids often make you look old and tired, and they can also ruin your chance of wearing fabulous makeup. Whatever you do, it seems like everything is hidden underneath excess skin. Eyelid surgery (or blepharoplasty) can offer your eyes a more youthful look with minimal discomfort. Since the skin of your eyelid heals rather fast, most of the swelling and soreness should be gone by the holidays.

2. Chin Implant

If you have a weak chin that causes overbite or a not-so-pleasing look, a chin implant can help increase your confidence. Despite it being an implant, the recovery from this procedure only takes about three to five days. While you may experience some swelling or soreness for the next seven days, you should be good to go just in time for the holiday events.

3. Earlobe Repair

If your earlobe is torn or far from being aesthetic, earlobe repair can help you bring it back in tip-top shape. Earlobe repair is recommended for those who stretch their earlobes more than eight mm. While it may take a couple of months for the scar to fade, the surgery itself has a very low potential for downtime.

What to Do After Getting a Surgical Procedure?

While some of these surgical procedures do recommend you take some time off, you should not be inconvenienced for more than a few days. For the most part, you should be able to go around like usual within three to seven days. However, It is important that you do not drink or smoke for a few days after the procedure because both can affect bone and cartilage healing, potentially increasing your recovery time. Dr. Shaw recommends you book your surgery two to three weeks before your holiday plans, and you should be good to deck the halls with your family and friends! 

Look Your Best This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to touch up on your aesthetics. You just need to find the surgery that works best for your needs. Call Dr. Shaw and set up an appointment before the holidays come around!

For more information about different types of surgeries that you can have around the holidays, you can contact Dr. Travis Shaw, MD, at 804-775-4559. He can help you choose the procedures that may empower your confidence. Alternatively, you may use our online contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.