Happy Holidays Everyone!

A Note from Travis Shaw, MD:

December is such a special time of the year for us here at Travis Shaw, MD. It’s a month of personal faith, joy, holiday shopping and lots of celebrations. It has a way of spreading cheer and seeing those even more cheerful dispositions appear. We are so grateful for this magical season of sparkling lights, the excitement of giving the perfect gift to our family and friends and for our loyal patients!

Our 12 Days of Christmas brings amazing offers for gift cards, treatments, gift sets and more. We have such great gifts to finish off your holiday shopping but don’t forget to splurge on yourself too! December is one huge holiday extravaganza, and we should celebrate accordingly! Stop in to see us soon. 

Cheers to All!

It’s that time of year again and we are so excited!!!  

Santa isn’t the only one delivering holiday magic this season. Ho, Ho, Ho! 12 Days of Christmas begins December 7th! All those “Last Minute Gifts” that will bring a smile to all. 

So, what’s on your Christmas Beauty Wish List?

12 Days of Christmas

Choose from the many options of our 12 days of Christmas. Each day will bring a new offer available that day only so be sure to follow us on social media @travisshawmd. 

Some of our favorite customized gift options:

  • Pair Your Faves and let us help you make your own Gift Sets (Choose from an array of Products and Treatments)
  • Looking for the ultimate gift of beauty? Pair their ultimate “favorite” treatment with their “favorite” product/s and of course you can also tuck in a gift card! Fabulous, right?
  • Surprise your friends and family by scheduling a service just for them. We are happy to customize for you and offer many package deals!

A few “off the shelf” options we absolutely love: 

  1. Look your best this Holiday Season – Treat yourself or someone special to a Brightalive HydraFacial (This treatment has nourishing ingredients that create an instant glow). Powered by ZO Skin Health, HydraFacial Brightalive Booster Serum is specifically designed to brighten skin and lessen the appearance of discoloration.
  2. Favorite Product- ZO Exfoliating Polish – The perfect anti-aging formula. It instantly polishes the skin to restore a smoother texture and a healthy glow. It also removes dead skin cells to prevent clogged pores so out with the old and in with the new. You will discover a clear, smooth, and even-toned complexion!
  3. Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Cards

December Self Care Tip: You are important!

Holiday self-care graphic

Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

(Be the reason someone smiles today)

It’s so easy to fall into a routine around the holidays and focus on our own family and friends (which is a wonderful thing). But remember that not everyone experiences joy and contentment during the holidays. Fill your heart and those receiving by donating.

One of the best parts of life is the little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love that affect others in ways the giver may never know. 

Here’s a list of pay-it-forwards we want to share this holiday season:

1. Serve a Holiday Meal – Many shelters serve holiday meals to thousands of people in communities across the country. Volunteer hours to help serve. In return, you will meet some amazing people. 

2. Donate Your Change – You know the coins you have been collecting in the bottom of your purse, in the cupholder of your car or in a jar on your counter can go to a good cause. Cash the coins in and donate the proceeds to a local shelter or food bank.

3. Send letters to a nursing home – For those in assisted living facilities, isolation can feel overwhelming. Contact homes in your area to find out how you can be a positive pen pal for a senior in need.

4. Pay for someone in a drive-thru -Paying for a friend is kind. Paying for someone you don’t know takes kindness to a new level. Plus, it’s an easy, inspiring action for the recipient to repeat.

5. Thank a teacher, nurse, caregiver, or other essential worker – Know any teachers, nurses, or grocery store workers? Send them an email, a gift card or even a simple text to enliven their spirit and offer words of encouragement.

6.  Clean your closet and donate – Clearing your closet of old clothes can be cathartic. Bag up your castoffs and drop them in a donation bin for someone who truly needs them.

7. Offer your services to neighbors or shut-ins – From yardwork to dog walking and grocery shopping, there are many ways to offer a helping hand. 

“Remember, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. 

Pay it forward

Our office will be closed December 23-25th and December 31st so that our staff may enjoy the holidays with their family and friends. 

Schedules are booking fast so don’t delay in snagging your holiday appointments! Call or text us @ (804) 775-4559. 

You can also follow us on social media @travisshawmd for updates, promotions and all the good stuff.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year for all!