Dr. Travis Shaw takes scar repair seriously — after all, scars are often reminders of intensely emotional times or events. Scar repair should be a journey of physical as well as emotional healing. To get those results, your scar repair doctor should use the most advanced technology available. Why settle for anything less? Today, we’ll share three groundbreaking technologies that Dr. Travis Shaw and his team use to enhance scar repair procedures.

MatriStem Extracellular Matrix Wound Sheet

Sometimes, the body’s natural healing processes need a boost during the scar repair process to ensure the best results possible. The MatriStem Extracellular Matrix Wound Sheet by Medline Industries is a sheet that can be applied to the repair site to encourage proper healing.

The body’s natural extracellular matrix regulates the process of skin tissue repair. During wound healing, scars can form when there is an excess of inflammation and collagen warps, hindering the ability to heal correctly. The MatriStem Wound Sheet acts as a wound healing scaffold to encourage uniform healing and reduce inflammation and collagen warping.

Heal with Platelet-Rich Plasma

Originally developed for sports medicine, platelet-rich plasma is gaining traction as a popular supplemental procedure to wound healing, as well as a cosmetic procedure for skin health and hair growth.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a unique treatment derived from the patients’ blood plasma, which is rich with natural wound-healing properties. The patient’s blood is drawn, and then plasma and platelets (both of which are essential to wound healing) are separated out via centrifuge. When used as an enhancement to laser scar repair, the application of platelet-rich plasma can accelerate healing. This procedure is especially beneficial because there is no chance of rejection by the patient’s body, and it harnesses the body’s own natural healing processes.

Advanced Technology: PicoSure Laser

The PicoSure laser is the most advanced laser technology for scar repair. It penetrates four times deeper than traditional Q-switched lasers, allowing for exceptional collagen remodeling, and its rapid rate of light pulses means that patients experience faster results with minimal discomfort.

As technologies continue to develop, we’ll be the first scar treatment facility in Richmond, Virginia to put them to use. call (804) 775-4559 or submit your information via the form below to schedule an appointment today.