Today in our faster-than-the-speed-of-light information overloaded world, we are bombarded with “deals” from Living Social, Groupon, Wal-mart, and everyone else with a better mousetrap for sale. We all work hard for a living so we are looking for the best value for our money. When considering how much does Botox cost in Richmond VA there are several factors to consider:

  1. First and foremost, who is performing the injections? Is it an esthetician at a spa, or a surgeon who understands the face? Estheticians can become Botox injectors after taking a course for 4 hours. Surgeons spend years learning facial anatomy, pharmacology, and surgical techniques.
  2. Is getting the best results worth $40 to $50? You can find plenty of discount Botox deals with just a few mouse clicks, but when you are talking about your face, is it worth it?
  3. What happens if things go wrong? When you go back to a spa, who will you see? Will they have the knowledge and experience to help you? Groupon is great for scoring a deal, but not famous for establishing long term relationships.
  4. Are all MD’s the same? Today family doctors, gynecologists, and just about every medical specialist are offering Botox. Are they the most qualified? Ask yourself. I  know I wouldn’t want a plastic surgeon screening my wife for breast cancer or managing her high blood pressure.
  5. Will your Botox provider take time to discuss your goals? There are many different areas of the face which can be rejuvenated with Botox, and must all be injected with specific techniques. If you sit down and your injector tells you what they can do for you without considering you and your face as unique, you are not getting value for your money.

Value vs Botox Cost

Most Botox providers in Richmond charge by the unit. So what is a unit of Botox? Simply stated, it is a unit of measurement for the amount of the medication to treat wrinkles. Its kind of like talking about milligrams of Advil. In order to translate this into Botox cost, a certain amount of medication is needed to treat a particular area of the face. For example, if you wanted to treat the wrinkles that look like 11’s in between your eyes, about 25 units of Botox would be needed. Men take about 30 units of Botox for this area as the muscles as stronger. We charge $12 per unit, which would mean the cost of this treatment would be $300. We certainly know that we are not the best Botox deal in Richmond, but we do think we give the best value.

Botox Cost at Our Richmond, VA Clinic

Dr Shaw is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and has an unparalleled understanding of the face. He is also one of Richmond’s only certified Botox and Juvederm instructors, which means he travels to teach other providers the safest, most effective injection techniques. Dr. Shaw does not delegate injections to nurses or physician assistants, he performs all injections personally for consistent results. If you are looking for for consistent, quality and safe Botox injections, call our office for a consultation or click here for more information on Dr Shaw and Botox cost.

woman before and after botox injections in Richmond, VA.
44 units of Botox to brow and crows feet. 2 syringes of Voluma to cheeks