Laser & RF Treatments – Tempsure® Envi, Vivace® RF Microneedling, Lumenis® Ultrapulse CO2

One of the main concerns that people have about their appearance is how to stop aging signs. While the average millennials look younger than they are, many show aging signs in their late twenties or early thirties as that is when your body’s natural collagen production starts decreasing.

A solution to this would be to find a way to boost your production of collagen. While certain dietary changes and perhaps some supplements could help, laser and radiofrequency treatments have shown to be more effective. In this blog, we will talk about how procedures like Tempsure® Envi, Vivace® RF Microneedling, and Lumenis® Ultrapulse CO2 can make you look more youthful.

How Can Laser & RF Treatments Rejuvenate Your Skin?

Radiofrequency (RF) and laser skin treatments are non-surgical procedures that can help you improve the quality of your skin. These methods are frequently recommended when you have issues with your skin tone, texture, and elasticity. The laser and RF energy penetrates your tissue, stimulating fibroblast activity and improving collagen production. 

Many women and men prefer these treatments as they are almost painless, and they mostly produce a warming sensation. They are also fairly quick and with a low potential for downtime, making them a good option for busy bees with things to do. 

You can choose from various treatments, depending on the effect you are looking for. Some of them use a combination of techniques, like microneedling and radiofrequency. An appointment with Dr. Travis Shaw will tell you exactly what the best treatment is for you. 

Popular Laser & RF Treatments

Depending on your skin condition, several laser and RF treatments can help you with your skin resurfacing goals. Here are the most popular options:

1. Vivace® RF Microneedling

Vivace® uses two of the most efficient methods to promote the production of collagen: radiofrequency and microneedling. This treatment is effective and safe for women and men with every skin type, improving the texture and tone regardless of skin color. This can allow you to maintain a youthful glow, without having to resort to invasive skin surgery.

The microneedling process will create tiny channels in your skin, stimulating your body’s natural healing process. The effect is further strengthened by the heat delivered through the needles, which reaches even deeper into your skin. By combining the two, you should be able to reduce the appearance of even deep wrinkles that microneedling alone could not handle.

The process is very effective due to the 36 gold-tipped needles of the unit. This will produce a heating action that is gentle and not harmful to the skin. Patients can enjoy tighter, smoother skin with less sagging within just a few days after the treatment. Not to mention that your body will continue producing collagen over time, enhancing the effects.

2. Tempsure® Envi

Tempsure® Envi is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses RF energy to reduce signs of aging. As a result, many patients use it to diminish the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. 

The treatment works by delivering hot, yet gentle, radiofrequency energy into your tissue, targeting the area where collagen is produced. This will trigger your body’s natural production of collagen, strengthening its bonds and tightening your skin. The treatment can be beneficial for patients with cellulite, as it restores the collagen bands that keep your skin smooth.

The treatment can leave your skin feeling tighter and more radiant from the moment you step out of the office. However, with time, your collagen levels will keep rebuilding. Within a month or two, you should be able to enjoy the full results of the treatment.

3. Lumenis® Ultrapulse CO2

Depending on your skin type and the condition that you need to treat, Lumenis® Ultrapulse CO2 allows you to choose between two CO2 laser options: fully ablative or fractional. The fractional mode is often the preferred option, as its gentler action leads to fewer side effects and faster healing. Its precise technology can help vaporize the target skin columns while leaving the surrounding ones untouched. 

The energy of the laser can help stimulate the natural healing process of your body, renewing your skin as more collagen cells are produced. As only specific areas are treated, the potential for downtime is reduced as compared to traditional skin resurfacing lasers.

The Lumenis® Ultrapulse laser is mostly efficient for signs of aging, but it can also control skin laxity and pigmentation problems. You can use it to treat wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, age spots, uneven texture, sagging skin, and even scarring. You can notice some redness on your face after the treatment, but this is normal for the first five to 14 days. Within the next six to 12 months, your skin will keep producing new collagen and improve your complexion. 

The Bottom Line

The perfect radiofrequency and laser treatment can help rejuvenate your skin, reducing your imperfections, and making you look much younger. The secret is to determine your exact skin concerns so that you can choose a treatment you can benefit from. Call Dr. Travis Shaw and make sure to set up a consultation to get you the right treatment!

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