Meet Us in Midlothian! Our New Office Is Opening for You!

The year 2024 is almost here, and along with it, we have a bit of an announcement for you! With the rising interest in cosmetic procedures, we know how difficult it is to find a reliable and trustworthy place to get treatment. Some people even choose to travel so that they can receive the care they need, be it in a different city or state. We are here to tell you now that this is no longer necessary.

Why, you may ask? Well, that’s because early in 2024, we are opening a new location in Midlothian, Virginia. Patients from the nearby areas no longer need to travel to our other practices to receive the appropriate care! Read our blog and find out why you should visit our new Midlothian location!

Who Is Travis Shaw, MD?

Aesthetic procedures are fairly common nowadays, and many people opt for plastic surgery to improve their appearance. The number of yearly procedures has risen significantly over the last two decades, going from 1.6 million to 5.5 million between 1997 and 2020. Some procedures are surgical, but many also go for the non-surgical options. 

Dr. Travis Shaw believes that surgery has a significant influence on the lives of those who need and desire it. His inspiration was drawn from his time at the Kenya Kijabe Mission Hospital, where he went with his father during his second year of medical school. There, he saw numerous patients with various facial deformities, and he gained an interest in the world of plastic surgery. 

After he specialized in this area, he joined a trip organized by the World Pediatric Project, taking his skills to Belize. Together with three more doctors, he performed life-changing facial reconstruction procedures on people who had various deformities. From congenital ear defects to palate deformities and severe cleft lips, Dr. Shaw changed the lives of his patients, one surgery at a time.

After finishing his missions, Dr. Shaw returned to his home state, Virginia, where he opened his practice. His first office is in Richmond, but now he has decided to open a practice in Midlothian as well. This way, he can help more people obtain the aesthetic results they desire!

Why Choose Synergy Face + Body by Travis Shaw, MD?

Above everything, you need to choose an aesthetic provider who understands your needs and knows that cosmetic surgery is not just about looking good. It is a way to allow your inner self to come out. Quality of life is significantly reduced in patients who have facial deformities, and Dr. Shaw fully understands this. 

As a philanthropist, he made it his life’s mission to help as many patients as possible, improving his skills with each mission and patient. Dr. Shaw created a team of medical providers that he trusted, teaching them everything that he learned during his missions. He can perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures, so whether you need rhinoplasty or some JUVÉDERM® injections, he can offer you the services you need. 

Dr. Shaw and his team are also thorough with their patients. Consultations are necessary to determine the exact aesthetic path one should take. You can also review before and after pictures that provide you with an idea of what your results could potentially look like. This can ensure the results you get are up to your expectations. 

The Bottom Line

Getting the right medical attention is necessary, especially when you are opting for cosmetic procedures. Contact Dr. Shaw today for an appointment to help you achieve your goals!

For more information about the new location and the services we offer, you can contact Dr. Travis Shaw, MD, at 804-775-4559. We’ll soon start accepting clients and we will gladly make an appointment for you. You can also check our online contact form, and we can help schedule you for a consultation.