How Do I Know If I’m a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

You may be considering eyelid surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty, to rejuvenate the area around your eyes. According to U.S. News, 58% of facial plastic surgeons reported increased bookings and treatments in 2022. But how can you tell which cosmetic surgeries are right for you? With realistic expectations and an understanding of the procedure, you’ll be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for this eyelid enhancement.

The Goals of Eyelid Surgery

Before deciding if eyelid surgery is for you, think about what you want to achieve. Many patients choose this cosmetic surgery to reduce excess eyelid skin that droops over the natural crease of the eyes. This can create a tired, sad, or aged appearance even when you feel wide awake! Eyelid surgery can reveal more of the natural contours around the eyes for a more youthful and vibrant look. The surgery can also improve vision that is obstructed by sagging upper eyelids. In some cases, excess fat and skin physically block your range of sight. The surgery may be partially reconstructive for this purpose. Lastly, it can minimize under-eye bags caused by excess fat and loose muscle. Under-eye bags can contribute shadows and dark circles that make you look exhausted even after a full night’s rest.

Determining If You’re a Suitable Candidate

Now that you understand the main objectives of eyelid cosmetic surgeries, you can evaluate if you might benefit from it. Ideal candidates generally have good health and realistic expectations about the outcome. You should also have a specific condition you are looking to improve. For example, excess upper eyelid skin may be drooping over your eyes and obstructing your peripheral vision. Eyelid surgery could remove this skin for a more open-eyed look. Under-eye puffiness and bags may persist even when you are well-rested. Eyelid surgery could reduce this swelling for a more alert appearance. Or your eyelids may appear heavy and overwhelm other facial features, contributing to a constantly tired, aged, or sad look. The surgery may help achieve better facial balance.

By considering your particular facial qualities and the improvements you hope eyelid surgery will provide, you can determine if this cosmetic procedure is likely to meet your personal goals. Proceed confidently by educating yourself on what to expect, and choose a qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeon you trust. Together, you can decide if eyelid rejuvenation is truly for you. If you’re considering any cosmetic surgeries, including eyelid surgery, schedule a consultation with Syngery Face + Body by Travis Shaw, MD today.